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The above content is marketing content I can make available to you as my sales rep.

You get paid when you sign up a member of as a paid member (gold or diamond). The commission you make depends on the level of rep you choose. As part of your free, 30-day trial, you get a 25% commission for anyone you refer who becomes a paid member. You can start and run a business based on sales/referrals only, if you so choose. The only way to remain a free member beyond the 30-day trial is by applying to be a sales rep here. If you want higher commissions, then you can opt to become a paid member, as well. In that case, as a gold sales rep, you'll receive 50% commission on referrals who become paid members. As a diamond sales rep you get 75% of every member's membership fee for paid members you refer. You will be a commission sales person. You'll get a link to send people to. That tracks them as your referral. I have leads available. As a free rep, you have to purchase leads from me or use your own leads. As a gold or diamond rep, I will give you leads (I have over 325K leads available). Gold gets 250 leads to start with. As a Diamond Rep, you get 1000 leads. When you get one referral to become a paid member, I'll give you more leads. You get your leads when you attend the sales rep orientation. After you apply, and are accepted, you'll get a message with the orientation details.

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