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Sales Reps Now

A Division of WPCNMA™ and JacG™

From The Desk Of: Jesse Josserand


You Must Apply, But There Is No Cost!

...Unless You Want Commissions Higher Than 25%...

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As a standard no-cost sales rep, you can get a capture page, squeeze page, or sales site (to build your list of prospects to market to). You can also get access to our email marketing and management service and use that to send out emails to your prospects and associates. In addition, you get access to our list of free and paid, highly recommended and reputable traffic sources that we also use. Plus, you can get leads from us, get training on closing sales, and get help from us doing so. However, as a standard no-cost Sales Rep, you must pay for some of those things. Whereas, if you become a Gold or Diamond Sales Rep, all that is included, and there's much more included, too!

To Learn How You Can Qualify For Commissions of 50% or 75%, Continue Reading...

SalesRepsNow.Com™ is a division of The World Profit Club Network Marketing Alliance™ (WPCNMA™)! There are over 100 domains that are part of this project and all are dedicated to helping you learn to start, run, and quickly become successful and profitable in your own business!

Formal Launch of The World Profit Club Network Marketing Alliance Occurs At Midnight the last day of summer, September 23rd, 2019!

If you become a Gold or Diamond member right now, your membership fee will be half price forever!*

Prices double at midnight September 23rd! Your price will never change* if you lock it in now! Our memberships are and will always be within everyone's financial reach (unlike competitors)!

You can have your own sales business in just a few minutes making referral commissions of 25%, 50%, or 75% for every referral you bring to the company who becomes a Gold or Diamond member.

When they pay their membership fee, you get paid. No waiting! No Minimums!


  • We Help You Close Sales!
  • You Get A Sales/Capture Website!
  • You Get Email Marketing Tools!
  • You Get Access To Our Free and Paid Traffic Sources That We Use Ourselves!
  • You Get Real Leads, Too!
  • ...And There's Lots More!


* If you become a Gold or Diamond member before midnight September 23rd (the end of summer), your membership fee will remain at the half-price level forever as long as you remain at the level you joined at that time. If you change levels after that date and time, your membership fee will be whatever the current cost is.